Interactive Information design / 2016

Where do these items go?

Guess, click, and see what happens!

What happens if we recycle or not?

This interactive storybook attracted children with cute illustrations of animals and more!

With four stories, you learn why should we recycle and what happens if we recycle or not.


Interactive storybook

Information design

Used tools

Adobe Illustrator



Jan. 2016 ~ March. 2016  

(3 months)


Research / Illustration

Information design

Interactive design

Stroy 1 - river
Story 1 - river
Story 2 - park
Story 2 - park
Story 3 - recycle
Story 3 - recycle
Story 4 - recycle
story 4 - recycle


Where do these items go?

Where do these items go? is an interactive storybook that targeted to the children who starts to learning about recycling and eco system. With fun and friendly illustrations, this storybook warns children how important is to recycle. Children can simply guess and click to see what happens next! 

The storybook has four different situations related to recycling problems and processes. It alerts how dangerous to throw out garbages everywhere, and how the eco system affected by simple actions. 

So click, explore, and learn! This book will be a fun and fast way to learn the basic idea of recycling! 


Simple click & move action attracts  the reader with its interactive feature


This storybook is highly informative to describe the basic ideas of recycling in short sentences or point form notes.


The book is illustrative picture book with cute animals and colour schemes to catch the young reader's attention.


Hand-written text and colorful figures build its friendly mood to attract children readers.

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Interactive Storybook


From sketches to Interactive book

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