Corporate Identity Design / 2019


Small Portioned Grocery Branding

Pack small, Dream big

We designed to be a better solution of North American Culture

With us, you can save money, save time, and save earth!

Don't eat same thing for 7 days, just grab us and explore!



Corporate Identity

Brand Design

Used tools

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign


Sep. 2018 ~ Nov. 2018  

(3 months)


Research / Illustration

Communication design


Soboun is a new Canadian grocery brand

that sells small portion of various items

mainly for single person households.


Brand Manifesto

We pack small, but dream big

We are designed to be a better solution for North American food culture by providing a simple idea to save money, time, and earth for the Canadian home-cooking demographics.


Our small portioned items are the newest trend in the local grocery market that save your money with a reasonable amount of ingredients.

Also, we give you better opportunities to explore without worrying about preparation and all the extra works behind the scene.  Our ultimate goal is to reduce the food waste problem caused by leftover dishes and expired ingredients. 



Save Earth

We suggest a solution to reduce leftovers and expired ingredients which leads into serious food waste problem in North American food culture.


Save Money

Our small-packed items offers acceptable price that our costumers especially single person households can afford it.

Save Time

We prepare just enough amount of ingredients for a meal that our consumers can simply grab, go, and cook without any extra preparations.


We offer various options of ingredients for our costumer’s delightful dish. Our costumers could try whatever they want.

More about Soboun

Application / Website

More about Soboun

Application / Motion Graphic


From Sketches to Final

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