Brand & Book design / 2018

Dive Editions

Monthly Picture book Brand

A brand that will allow adults to take a break

from their hard life with Picture books.

After receiving and experiencing the various artistic information and stories, the viewer will receive positive energy, cheerful messages, and interesting knowledge that helps to achieve a balanced life satisfaction.


Brand Design

Book Design

Used tools

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Photoshop


Sept. 2018 ~ April. 2019  

(6 months)


Research / Illustration

Editorial design / Binding


By reading through our monthly issues,

you will be relaxed and be consoled from your hard and stressful life.



About Dive Editions

Dive Editions is not just a publisher but more of a brand that will allow you to take a break from your hard life with a

form of art: Picture books, memorable object from childhood, comforting material, and an entertaining hobby.

We offer a new experience of art. By receiving and experiencing the various artistic information and stories, you will receive positive energy, cheerful messages, and interesting knowledge that helps to achieve balanced life satisfaction.


Dive Editions delivers 2 books with one selected topic of dive creators per month. Since each month has 2 books, and it sells in local bookstores as other subcribtion magazines,

1 Dive creator creates 2 books within same topic, and I decided to create 2 sample books abount 'How to love myself.'

The Purpose & Aim

To expand picture book area from children’s literacy to adult literacy. To create an easily approachable platform that introduces picture books to an adult public. To create a new genre of subscription system.

The Expectation

To offer relaxing, comforting moment for adults in contemporary culture.
To offer easy infographics about various topics for adults to explore new subjects.
To offer handy and illustrative design piece for adults.
To offer an accessible way to experience and own art. 

Changing Perception

To create a "adult picture book" genre and begin to address a the problem of a lack of demographics information on adult picture-book audiences because current adult picture books are not sperated from the children's literacy category.

The Opportunity

Dive Editions creates various illustrative stories and informations with our creative team. However, we are open to collaborate with fantastic authors and artists to show your own story. Apply today to publish your own story and artworks with us as a Dive Creator!

About System

Brand Application


Dive Edition is a monthly subscription-based picture book brand. Therefore, Dive needs a platform for our subscribers (readers) to get the information and subscribe to our books in various ways. 

For easy accessibility, we created a website with all the organized contents we provided. 

*For readers who are not comfortable with digital devices and also for offline advertizing purposes, we also provide out information with monthly issue's bonding book sleeve. 

About Book

Story & Illustration

How to love myself?

The first issue is the illustrative graphic novel and additional application booklet. The main goal of this issue is to raise the self-esteem level of audiences. The issue has it's own dive edition logo, and this brand application comes with stickers.

Book #1: An Ordinary Days

A graphic novel about self-esteem, satisfaction and love.  Imaginary boy (an old friend) cheers "me" up to realize she is the beloved person. Everyday 'ordinary' days are special because "me" is a special person.

Book #2: My favourite things 

Illustrative additional-application book of Book 1. Addressing the list that makes the author happy - to love herself. This book comes with a self-check list (interactive) for the audiences to fill with their own favourite things.

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