Package design / 2019

Let's Rocket

Crayon with toy building kit

Build your own Rocket with us

Let's Rocket is a crayon package that is fully interactive to be a colouring toy kit itself for children and D.I.Y toy collectors.

Draw and colour your own rocket with our 24 colour crayon!


Stationary Package


Used tools

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


Jan. 2019 ~ Mar. 2019  

(3 months)


Research / Illustration

Branding / Package design



What is Let's Rocket?

Let's rocket is the interactive package that users can decorate and build their own rocket. Our product encourages children to be more creative with our colourful rockets.

With this package, our users can easily colour the rocket parts and simply assemble to build their own customized toy.

This package simply turns into the product itself just by taking out and turn it over. The users can decorate the template with 24 colourful rockets packaged inside.

Let's rocket will help kids and colouring masters to develop their creativity and entertain themselves with our easy-crafty toy.

Also, don't worry about the colour rockets after your own toy created. Our top lid will perfectly protect it for easy storage and reusages.

Simple Background

The background shows a dark navy coloured background with simple and cute line illustrations of planet, stars and ailian.

We kept our background simple so we can be more focused on our rockets!


Colourful Logo

Contrast with the background, our logo uses variety range of colours to add dynamic attention with rhythm. We added simple Rocket icon to keep our visual style.

Simple Instruction

We wanted to keep our information simple and easy with cute illustration so it could be recognized and followed by young age rocket builders. 

Fun & Creative!

We aim to give entertaining and creative experience to kids.

We prepare the rockets (crayons) and simple templates, and kids explore their colourful imagination with us!

About Package

Colour and Build!

Rocket building Steps

Seperate the column paper of the package and turn it over.

Colour the Rocket body with your style.

Colour the Wings and head, seperate from the sheet.

Essemble your own Rocket and PLAY!!

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