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오묘(omyo) implies marvelous, curious or mysterious in Korean lnaguage, and commonly used to portray the subtle savor of Korean tea. 


Tea Package

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Sept. 2017 ~ Dec. 2017 

(3 months)


Research / Illustration

Branding / Package design

every so often it is also difficult to describe the four different tastes of Korean tea --

bitterness, sweetness, saltiness and sourness…and ‘OMYO’ sums it all -- a mysterious taste.

Omyo Tea package
Omyo Tea package
Omyo Tea bag package
Omyo Tea bag package
Omyo concept - Brownrice
Omyo concept - Green tea
Omyo concept - Chrysanthemum
Omyo concept - tea village
Omyo Information pieces


What is Omyo?

The OMYO brand and tea packages are created and inspired by the diverse characters of Korean tea and culture through art, people, costume, buildings, various kinds of tea and tea regions and, social structure. 

Central to the Korean approach to tea is an easy and natural coherence, with fewer formal rituals, fewer absolutes, greater freedom for relaxation, and more creativity in enjoying a wider variety of teas, services, and conversation. 

The OMYO is specially designed for tea lovers, who also interested in Korean culture and oriental art. It is also a perfect wedding gift and a collectible for figurines enthusiasts. It is an educational, cultural, informative, collective, playful, sustainable (reusable and refillable) package that best describes the

Korean culture.


OMYO uses not only Korean tea culture but also the traditional clothings, marriage culture, and housing to express various kinds of tea and various classes from Jeoseon Dynasty. 


Each figures has short description about themselves, also the supportive scroll about each class of Dynasty and brochure about brand is ready for the customers.


The packages showcasing the colourful and illustrative figures through traditional Korean colours, patterns, styles and contents.


The first collection of OMYO is about Korean marriage, including root tea (burdock), grain tea (brown rice), leaf tea (green tea), and flowering tea (chrysanthemum).

About Package

4 type of tea

Burdock / Root tea

Brown Rice / Grain tea

Chrysunthemum / Flower tea

Hadong Green / Leaf tea

A special package for you

Each set of tea package consists of four small containers, representing the  traditional Korean housing system, Hanok. Each small container includes four individual figurines of Bride and Groom costume with tea bags inside. Consumers can easily remove the teabags from the packages by pulling off the teabag strings attached to a traditional Korean mask, Tal.


From sketches to package

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