UI & UX design / 2017


Yes, Chef

Smart knife kit for your first cooking experience!

We wanted to create a smart device that can aid young adults to get back into kitchen space in a fun and safe way. Sous was created from the desire to bring back life into the kitchen, One slice at a time!


Smart device

Mobile application


Used tools

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe XD

Invision (Prototype)


Nov. 2017 ~ Jan. 2017 

(3 months)


Research / Illustration Prototyping / 3d Mock-up UI&UX design 


Isaak Man

Kristin Feliciano

Jane Bae



Millennials are not cooking

16-24 year olds are the most likely group to perceive cooking as stressful. The number of 20-34 year olds living with parents has risen 25% since 1996, and a lot of millennials are unaware of cooking terminology when referring to recipes. The development of service and delivery systems, person's busy schedule, expensive cooking materials, and following recipes are frightening the millennials to start cooking. 24% of those who can’t cook don’t think they’ll ever learn, and only 16% of millennials say that they learnt to cook at school or college.


Make it fun!

Sous is a smart knife that will bring back the millennials to the kitchen.​  Sous is a smart knife kit that teaches you how to perform various styles of cuts correctly and safely. The product is accompanied by an app loaded with step-by-step tutorials depending on the type of blade. Using motion-sensor technology, sous is able to detect your movements in real time to ensure that you are not only handling the knife correctly but also nurturing your skill set with the best experience possible.

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5 interchangeable colour-coded blades makes the users to easily indicate the type of blades to find & use.

Easy & Fun Tutorials

step by step animated tutorial supports the users to learn various cutting skils in easy and fun ways.

Tutorial progress in real time.


The blades are built-in the holder and only able to take out when it's inserted in handle. Interlocking system perfectly connect the blades with handle with click sound.


Motion sensored handle supports the users to easily follow the tutorials in safe ways with the instructions. 

About App

Blades & Icons


Introducing Sous

User Flows

Jane Hanazawa

Jane is 17 years old student who wants to learn cutting skills. Jane knows how to bake, and she loves baking, however she wants to expend her knowledge of cooking techniques.

With Sous, Jane simply access to the application, create account, run through the simple tutorial, and connect the chef blade. Then, she searched over the advanced technique of how to cut pineapples, and follow the process appears on tutorial.


From sketches to system

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